Episode 18: Gupta Speaks

January 29, 2016

What a week. This show can be about nothing but the big story: accidentally leaked documents, posted on Reddit and reported by UBC Insiders, tell the story of the leadership crisis in the leadup to Arind Gupta's surprise resignation last summer. Gupta finally breaks his silence and speaks to us. Also reactions and analysis from student Senator Gurvir Sangha and Faculty Association president Mark Mac Lean. 


Episode 17: Everything presidential (the search, and Aaron Bailey)

January 22, 2016

We're back from our hiatus with the first episode of 2016, wherein we delve into the search for the new UBC president, to replace the deposed Arvind Gupta as soon as September 2016. We've got some tape from the presidential search committee's Vancouver Town Hall event, and a scrum with UBC Chancellor Lindsay Gordon, as well as some discussion after. 

We continue in the presidential vein as AMS president Aaron Bailey joins us to talk (also) about the search, lessons from this year's chapter of the never-ending war over tuition, and look ahead to the AMS election. And a bonus clip from our very first interview on the air with Aaron back in august. 

Episode 16 - Fall Season Finale

December 19, 2015

In this week's special show, we have UBC Insiders alum Alex Lougheed on the news beat. We then interview Philip Steenkamp, UBC's brand new VP External on how it feels to be the adult in the room after a tumultuous season of UBC news.

Then, we have a special segment with Sam Fenn and Gordon Katic, the men at the helm of the Cited podcast, to help us look back on our first season on the radio and give us advice. We go out on the single from Christmas Happens Every Year, the seasonal offering from our friends over at The Syrup Trap. Check it out at syruptrap.bandcamp.com.

Episode 15 - Rohit Joseph, Bjorn Stime, and Cassie Doyle

December 11, 2015

On this week's show Rohit Joseph of CiTR's News101 gets into football recruiting, the ongoing case of Creative Writing prof Steven Galloway, UBC's new Board Chair Stuart Belkin, and delivers an appreciation of the man, the legend, Nardwuar.

We also interview two people with divergent views on the Canadian International Resources and Development Institute (CIRDI), which is housed at UBC. Bjorn Stime is a graduate student who is concerned about their activities, both home and abroad. Cassie Doyle, CIRDI's new CEO, will give us the case for that involvement.
Maayan closes out the show with a musical performance of a modern-day holiday classic.

Episode 14 - On Location Reports and Jennifer Berdahl

December 4, 2015
This week, Neal and I hit the streets with several on-location clips from things happening around campus. We catch a protest in the form of a funeral for our school mascot Thunder. We then stopped by an open house about the new Gage South bus loop and student residence project. On our way to the studio we caught the Vanier Cup celebration in the new SUB. Then we called Justin McElroy, the awesome former Ubyssey editor, about what this win means for football and UBC's varsity program. We then caught up with student Board member Veronica Knott outside their meeting. Finally, we discuss Stuart Belkin, the new multi-million dollar provincial appointee to UBC's Board of Governors. 
For our interview today, we speak with Jennifer Berdahl, who became a household name around campus this fall when she wrote a controversial blog post speculating about whether Arvind Gupta "lost the masculinity contest" at UBC, after which the Board of Governors Chair contacted her directly to express his concerns with the post. The fallout from that affair eventually led to the resignation of John Montalbano, the chair of UBC's Board of Governors. We speak to her about academic freedom, diversity in the academy and the search for a new president. 

Episode 13 - Caitlin Cunningham and Kaitlin Russell

November 28, 2015
For news this week, Neal and Maayan give a quick update on the suspension of Steven Galloway and the Faculty Association once again calling out the university, the CBC documentary "School of Secrets" and muse about whether Martha Piper lives in a completely different reality than everyone else, and the recent Board of Governors committee meetings where large international tuition increases were approved, but with some minor concessions to student concerns.

For our interview, we have two individuals featured in the "School of Secrets" documentary. Caitlin Cunningham is a former graduate student in history who went through the university's complaint process after an assault by fellow student Dmitry Mordvinov. Kaitlin Russell is a current graduate student in history who raised the issue of graduate student safety within the department. Both tell us about UBC's broken complaint processes, and the effects of institutional pressure to stay silent.

Caitlin Cunningham and Kaitlin Russell - Extended Interview

November 27, 2015
A longer version of this week's interview on the high profile sexual assault case which was exposed by the CBC's fifth estate. We speak to Caitlin Cunningham, one of the assault survivors featured in the documentary and Kaitlin Russel, a supporter from the History Graduate Student Association, about their experiences dealing with UBC as they navigated the sexual assault reporting and response system.
watch the documentary here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ftsvr9i6VTY

Episode 12 - Madeline Taylor, Julie Van de Valk, and Veronica Knott

November 20, 2015

This week we talk news with Madeline Taylor, the Spoken Word Coordinator (and our best ally) at CiTR. Madeline is a former member of the feminist collective at SFU's radio station CJSF, and she helps us talk through two emerging stories of sexual assault on campus. On our interview, student Board of Governors reps Julie Van de Valk and Veronica Knott join us to mostly talk about BoG transparency issues. 


Episode 11: Simona Chiose and Frances Bula

November 14, 2015
This week in news, Neal and Maayan talk about Freedom of Information delays, bringing more refugee students to UBC, the AMS's campaign against tuition increases, and Hotline Bling. 

For our interview, we have two reporters from the Globe and Mail. Simona Chiose is the paper's higher education reporter, and Frances Bula is a Vancouver institution who covers all sorts of things happening around town. In August, they collaborated on a the most complete account about the departure of former UBC President Arvind Gupta that's been written so far. We talk to Simona and Frances about collaborating on that story, working with PR departments, and their perspectives of UBC as informed observers who spend most of their time outside the campus bubble.

Episode 10 - Nil Keshmiri and John Metras

November 5, 2015
This week, former Commerce Undergraduate Society president and friend of Wally the Bull, Nil Keshmiri joins us on the news beat. For our interview, we talk to John Metras, the Managing Director of UBC Infrastructure Development. We ask him whether UBC really is the "University of Building Construction".