Finale - “As UBC Happens”

April 1, 2016

For the finale episode, we bring you a collection of stories from all over the university. Enjoy a loving homage to the venerable CBC radio program "As It Happens", which is Neal's favourite. Happy April Fool's Day.


Episode 26 - from reddit to rowing

March 25, 2016

In this, our very last week of regular programming, we talk to UBC's nerdiest and jock-iest constituencies! We have John Harvey for news (an engineering student and moderator of reddit's /r/ubc). We discuss developments at the faculty association, the University Neighborhood Association's financial woes, and the latest and concluding chapter of GuptaGate. For our feature interview, we speak to the outgoing and incoming presidents of the Thunderbird Athletics Council, Alex Mascott and Aaron Lattimer, about Varsity athletics.


Episode 25: tax ingenuity and university inidgineity

March 18, 2016
This week we are joined for topical chats with Alex Usher, of Higher Education Strategy Associates (and post-secondary education lifer). Our main interview this week is with Linc Kesler, the Director of the First Nations House of Learning at UBC, to talk about UBC's aboriginal agenda.

Episode 24 - Sara-Jane Finlay

March 11, 2016

This week we are joined for news by 4th-year English student (and the brains behind some of this year's more theatrical BoG protests) Gretta Dattan and brand new AMS VP Academic and student senator Samantha So. Our main interview this week is with Sara-Jane Finlay, AVP Equity and Inclusion, to talk about UBC's sexual assault response and policy-making.


Episode 23: Ingrid Parent

March 8, 2016
This week Moira Warburton, news editor of The Ubyssey and Tanner Bokor, former AMS executive and briefly of the VFM/quasi-terrorist cell known as AMS Vanguard join us to talk news. We also had some AMS elections chatter, but due to some chaos in Maayan's life, we kinda missed the boat on that. Perhaps a roundup next week is in order.

For our feature interview, we welcome Ingrid Parent, the University Librarian, to talk about the challenges and opportunities that the library has in the face of changing technology, as well as the challenge of juggling leadership responsibilities both at home and abroad. She also definitively answers the question of whether talking is allowed in the Chapman Learning Commons.

Episode 22 - A look forward at the AMS, a look back at the GSS

February 26, 2016

This week Anne Kessler, former AMS VP Academic and University Affairs, now of the Talon joins us for a breakdown of all the major AMS elections races and referenda. Our feature interview is with Gabrielle John, former Advocacy Officer the the Graduate Student Society, about her report on UBC's sexual assault reporting processes that GSS President Tobias Friedel tried to conceal from from pretty much everyone else in the society. Neal also reflects on his experiences as a GSS employee.


Episode 21 - Governance Pro Tips

February 19, 2016

This week Emily Blake of CiTR's News 101 joins us to talk about UBC's sexual assault external investigation, the interminable sagas of the Board of Governors, and AMS elections. Our feature interview is with Dr. Julie Cafley, a Vice-President at Canada’s Public Policy Forum, (an independent think tank based in Ottawa) who did her PhD research in unfinished tenures of Canadian University Presidents. She'll tell us if UBC is as bad as we think it is from a bird's eye view. 


Episode 20 - Jessica Schmidt and Dave Eby

February 12, 2016
This week, news with Jessica Schmidt of Her Campus UBC, and a feature interview with Vancouver Point Grey MLA and all-round cool guy Dave Eby. 

Episode 19 - Board Protests and Divestment

February 5, 2016

The Board of Governors meetings this week provided more than enough fodder for the whole episode. We talk about more secret meetings, play some tape from the faculty-led "UBC Clean" protest of the Board, discuss UBC's decision not to divest from fossil fuels, and the return of Fire Hydrant. Our interviews this week are with Alex Hemingway of UBC C350 and Milan Ilnyckyj of Toronto 350. They walk us through the respective fossil fuel divestment campaigns they helped lead and why the idea is entirely compatible with fiduciary duty.


Bonus Segment: Faculty Board of Governors protest

February 5, 2016

Tuesday, February 2nd was an eventful day! While Neal was inside the Board of Governors meeting with the dullards in suits, Maayan was out in the lively atmosphere of the "UBC Clean" faculty protest. Here are some of the sounds from there. The order of voices you'll hear are:

Mark Mac Lean - Math
Bruce Rusk - Asian Studies
Leah Keshet - Math
Carla Nappi - History
Carrie Jenkins - Philosophy
Jennifer Berdahl - Sauder
and at the very end, after all the chanting, Kosta Prodanovic, from the Ubyssey.